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Our story

15 years of experience

Who We Are

METRIC provides land surveying services to clients, including boundary surveys,topographic surveys, construction staking, and subdivision platting. Over 15years, METRIC gained extensive experience using advanced surveyingequipment, such as GPS receivers and robotic total stations, to ensure accurateand precise measurements. Having also developed strong communication andproject management skills, allowing us to effectively collaborate with clients,contractors, and other stakeholders to ensure successful project outcomes.

In METRIC, we gather and analyze data about the physical characteristics of a land area, including its boundaries, elevation, and features. It is crucial in various construction projects and property development activities, such as mapping, designing, and building roads, buildings, and other infrastructure.

Our surveyors use multiple tools and techniques, such as GPS, laser scanning, and total stations, to create accurate and detailed maps and measurements of the land.
The information gathered through land surveying helps ensure that projects are designed and executed effectively and safely and that landowners’ rights are adequately protected.